Regional Council #31


Updated March,14  2015


The Order of United Commercial Travelers of America (UCT)


Code of Ethics



Let first things come first, they who profit most are those who serve the best.


Pack your heart with human kindness--

Don't be mean or selfish, others too must live--have the courage and conscience to meet them halfway. Greed leads most into making many an error, but it justifies none.


Hit your course with good character and don't lose it--

The higher principles of individuals are noticed everywhere. It takes less effort to make a good impression than a bad one.


Play the game--

by being loyal, honest and upright to your family and your firm. Think, know your job. Speak the truth and avoid misrepresentation. Do what you are paid to do and then some. It's the then some that counts. You can't build a six story structure on a three story foundation.


End your day--

with a clear conscience, knowing you have done unto others as you would have them do unto you. Nothing costs less and pays more than the compliments of honour and civility.

Author--The Late W. Harris, A.C.T. Regina Club

Revised 1994       Download a copy in PDF form

A.C.T./UCT Regional Council #31

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